Secure Enterprise Hosting for Real Security

Enterprise Cloud Hosting means real security for your data, websites, and applications. Large brands trust FireHost with their applications because enterprises need security to reduce risk.

Enterprise Cloud IaaS for a Secure Infrastructure

If you're interested in Enterprise cloud or IaaS for hosting or applications, chat with one of our engineers and let us evaluate your enterprise needs. The FireHost Intelligent Security Model™ protects enterprises from over 8 million attacks per month.

Intelligent Enterprise Security

FireHost is Synonymous with Security. It's in our DNA.

Above all, FireHost is a security company. Providing many layers of protection from the physical data center all the way through to your database. Our ability to help customers from cybercrime stems from the belief that security is not a feature that can simply be bolted-on to infrastructure at any point. Security is not optional — it's required.

FireHost Intelligent Security Model

Security Posture Improves Over Time

FireHost mitigates complex threats to our customers, just as swiftly as advanced antivirus with malware protection can help prevent well-known vulnerabilities from impacting your business. How? An intelligent approach to security.

By tracking cybercrime attack vectors at a macro level, FireHost can react to threats in a way that benefits your infrastructure, as well as the security community. Multiple layers of enterprise hardware, patched software, and expert system configurations encapsulate every secure cloud server. Specialized security engineers proactively monitor live security data points around the clock. Consultants react quickly to stop potential problems before they can wreak havoc, notifying you every step of the way.

Layers of Managed Security

By managing security and infrastructure layers together under one roof, FireHost can be more effective, responsive and complete than any 3rd party service or bolt-on features. Core Intelligent Security Model coupled with fully managed support ensures your company is in the best hands in the industry.

Real-Time Protection You Can See

Security View in the FireHost secure portal provides a front row seat to monitor your blocked attacks, in real-time with charts and graphs that help visualize how frequently hackers attempt to breach your secure servers and applications.

Protect Your Data

Learn how FireHost blocks over 8 million attacks per month.

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