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When compared to other cloud providers, FireHost had better cloud performance by far. Our exceptional performance helps businesses do more with less. Download our cloud computing benchmarks and testing report to see for yourself.

HPC with Real Benchmarks

With all benchmark tests, FireHost outperforms others in memory speed, processor speed, and storage speed by far. With FireHost you can expect the fastest services for your business needs. Third party testing and benchmarks provide the validation you demand.

Ranked #1 by Global Benchmark

Infrastructure at the Intersection of Performance and Security

Customers have raved about the speed, reliability, uptime, and scalability of secure cloud servers since FireHost's early days. Without a performance benchmark in place however, we kept the accolades quiet and stayed focused on communicating the core mission and benefit of security. We put performance to the test. And won.

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It's Easier to Win Races when Every Component is Built for Speed and Availability

Only hardware, software, systems, and configuration designed specifically for high-performance, production workloads meet the entry criteria for FireHost's secure cloud. Ask about our benchmarking synopsis to better explain the processes and results of the secure cloud ranked #1 in overall server performance for 2013.

As for the performance benchmark, an independent third party performed the study, including seven cloud hosting providers and four performance metrics, comparing overall server performance, memory speed, processor speed, and storage speed against a control group consisting of dedicated servers. The Overall Server Performance results are clear. FireHost secure cloud servers are faster, by a mile.

FireHost Server Performance

Performance Testimonial

Take an in-depth look at how the highest performing cloud is helping Zeta Compliance Technologies and how this infrastructure was created.

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Performance Goes Beyond Speed to Help You Do More with Less

FireHost's exceptional performance helps businesses do more with less. With third-party benchmarks and testing, IT stakeholders know what to expect when making an infrastructure commitment. Benchmarks make great strides in providing much needed transparency to the quality of infrastructure underpinning the cloud hosting industry. However, achieving exceptional application performance requires more than just fast hardware.

Meet some of the other components that help FireHost's uniquely secure cloud infrastructure perform.

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