Secure Enterprise Hosting

Your enterprise hosting journey is complete with a secure enterprise hosting solution from FireHost. Our secure platform allows enterprises to reduce risk, knowing that their applications are fast and secure. Hosting your infrastructure with FireHost means your data will be secure. You don't need SaaS when your security is built into your infrastructure.

Enterprise Security for SaaS Infrastructure

Whether you're looking for a full IaaS, SaaS or hosting solution, FireHost's Intelligent Security Model can protect your data from attacks. We currently protect against over 8 million attacks monthly. Join all of the other enterprise brands and learn about real security.

A Secure and Scalable Home for Regulated and Sensitive Data

Think of FireHost as the most secure piece of any cloud deployment. Our secure servers were built specifically to protect regulated and sensitive data housed within large-scale infrastructure deployments. Whether your IT strategy calls for hybrid, private, public or otherwise, you can achieve compliance more quickly and attain a higher caliber of security, more reliably and affordably by adding FireHost to the mix.

FireHost's enterprise-ready architecture was purposefully built to address the needs, responsibilities, and requirements of IT stakeholders in global companies.

FireHost Secure Hybrid Cloud

Enterprises depend on our secure cloud infrastructure to process billions of dollars in payments transactions and to protect millions of electronic healthcare records. Reduce risk with enterprise security and reap the benefits of having a partner in compliance responsibilities. These are just a few examples of how security, compliance, and high performance can exceed the most demanding IT requirements.

  • Limit the list of "in scope" items for applications and databases housing
  • Reduce procedural documentation and policy requirements
  • Prepare for a HIPAA or PCI compliance audit in days, not months
  • Receive consultative proactive managed services with over 24 points of preferential treatment
  • Enjoy the benefits of housing transactional applications and databases in the world's best performing infrastructure (as validated by third party benchmarks)

Leverage the FireHost secure cloud to reduce your scope of compliance for sensitive data. The inherent value of leveraging a secure cloud infrastructure increases as the data and application sensitivity increases. Although FireHost specializes in providing secure infrastructure for regulatory compliance needs, the secure cloud can be utilized for a vast range of needs that require protection.

The FireHost Value Continuum

Enterprise 2

Look no further for an extremely secure, compliance-ready, high performance cloud infrastructure that’s backed by reliable engineers and advanced automation.

Reduce Your Risk

Leverage the secure cloud as part of your hybrid infrastructure.

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The Enterprise Journey

What to expect from the first contact to the last provision.

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