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Enterprise Grade Security

For Dyn, online security was at the heart of their business. FireHost gave Dyn that critical enterprise grade security it was looking for.

Global Business Continuity

FireHost had everything Dyn was searching for, including global business continuity and the ability to be highly available to a global audience.

Business Continuity for The Leader in DNS

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The nature of Dyn’s business meant that online security and performance are at the heart of its business. Users of Dyn’s services range from small to large Web enterprises, and it was critical that its infrastructure services were 100 percent available and protected from compromises. Reliability, room for growth, and consistent support were three crucial pieces of what Dyn was looking for in a hosting provider.

The Challenge

Since specializing in managed DNS is the nature of Dynʼs business, online security and performance have the potential to either make or break its credibility. Dyn experienced phenomenal growth since it became commercially available, and wanted a secure cloud hosting partner that could scale alongside it and keep pace with the rising demands that accompanied its growth.

It was of utmost importance to Dyn to partner with a secure host that could deliver enterprise-grade security.

Kyle York Chief Revenue Officer

The Solution

FireHost transitioned Dyn over to its secure, cloud-based hosting, and created a partnership with the company based on their mutual goals. FireHost began caching Dyn’s content on the edge, which gave Dyn the ability to create a content delivery network on the fly by using its own load-balancing service. FireHost offered all of the components Dyn was searching for, along with global business continuity and the ability to be highly available to a global audience. Using some of its own services mixed in with and complemented by FireHost’s services, Dyn has seen growth to over 14 million users and offices in the US and UK.

Key Solution Features

  • Needed global business continuity
  • Required 100 percent available infrastructure services
  • Ability to scale quickly was essential

“Prior to partnering with FireHost, Dyn relied upon a globally deployed in-house infrastructure to support its hosting needs. To convince the internal team to move to a different provider other than ourselves was a major hurdle, however FireHost’s fully managed services were extremely appealing to us.” -Kyle York, CRO at Dyn

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