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Secure Website Against Hacking

For theory 11, FireHost was able to provide a specific hosting solution to meet the needs of their successful site. theory11 was getting hacked and FireHost was called into action.

High Performance Hosting

With the specialized security and innovation, FireHost can provide a solution that can prevent hack attempts, protecting the company and the customer.

Making Magic Happen in the Secure Cloud

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theory11 is the largest instructional magic website and the premiere source for high-end, luxury playing cards. Their magic training videos enable ordinary people to learn amazing magic tricks from the best in the business.

After working with four other web hosts, the company found magic with FireHost’s secure cloud infrastructure which offered the right combo of security, compliance, performance, and service.

The Challenge

theory11 sells directly to consumers via its eCommerce-enabled website. And while the need to protect customer data, including credit card numbers and community forums, was important, the company hunted for a new host that could make service and scalability a priority. theory11 was on its fourth web hosting partner, and CEO Jonathan Bayme was frustrated that none of them could provide the right combination needed to support the website’s growth.

We needed the kind of automation, performance and support that FireHost offered, so we can rapidly scale and evolve.

Jonathan Bayme CEO

The Solution

Bayme became aware of FireHost thanks to his friend, former-hacker-turned-security consultant, Kevin Mitnick, who had been hosting his own business with FireHost for several years. He quickly found that FireHost enabled theory11 to scale on demand (manual, scheduled, automatic), and that his team could reliably and easily obtain memory and processor resources when they are needed. This type of scalability helped theory11 survive Black Friday.

FireHost’s security and compliance expertise thwarting up to 400 hack attempts in a given week, protecting user information and keeping the company PCI DDS compliant as it accepts credit card payments.

Key Solution Features

  • Growing site needed enterprise-grade resources, security and flexibility
  • Needed to perform for Black Friday
  • Had to meet PCI compliance standards with online sales
  • Technical support had to impress

“Quite literally, Firehost empowers us to make magic happen. The company innovates, listens, and then innovates some more. FireHost lets us do so much with our infrastructure, it’s like having a Swiss Army Knife at our fingertips. We can scale as we need to, our site is secure, and the support is unrivaled.” –Jonathan Bayme, CEO of theory11

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