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Secure Enterprise Hosting for Real Security

Enterprise Cloud Hosting means real security for your data, websites, and applications. Large brands trust FireHost with their applications because enterprises need security to reduce risk.

Enterprise Cloud IaaS for a Secure Infrastructure

If you're interested in Enterprise cloud or IaaS for hosting or applications, chat with one of our engineers and let us evaluate your enterprise needs. The FireHost Intelligent Security Model™ protects enterprises from over 8 million attacks per month.

Intelligent Multilayered Security

Cloud Security Like No Other

Many cloud providers treat security as an afterthought or add-on. They claim to be secure but offer it in bits and pieces. They force you to research and implement the security capabilities you require. And when something breaks? The burden is on you to fix it. Not with FireHost. Security is integral to our cloud’s architecture.

FireHost Intelligent Security Model

The Secure Cloud That Security Companies Trust

We offer you and every one of our customers a multilayer security approach different from any other cloud provider, anywhere. We have multiple layers of security implemented inside and outside of our infrastructure, with all pieces working together as one system instead of functioning as a collection of independent parts. No other cloud provider offers you this type of secure infrastructure. In fact, FireHost is so secure that many leading security companies turn to us for their own data protection.
Layers of theIntelligent Security ModelTM Show All Core FeaturesSecurity Always Included Advanced FeaturesEnhanced Security

Physical Security

Show Core Advanced
Tier 4 data center security Included  
Segregated cages, dedicated drops Included  
Multi-factor biometric access Included  
Physical access to FireHost only Included  
Detailed access audit trail Included  
Security monitoring 24x7x365 Included  

FireHost's data centers and procedural practices are designed with superior physical security in mind to prevent unauthorized access. Learn more about our facilities.


Perimeter Security

Show Core Advanced
IP reputation filtering Included  
DoS/DDoS mitigation Included  

Blocking malicious activity at the network perimeter prevents suspicious and malicious traffic from ever entering a customer's infrastructure. These security measures add protection and increase performance by eliminating unwanted traffic to servers.


Network Security

Show Core Advanced
Intrusion detection/prevention Included  
Unlimited isolated security zones Included  
Private network segmentation Included  
Vulnerability monitoring   Available
Vulnerability audits   Available

Security for the network layer is crucial to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, or modification of network-accessible resources. All customer environments are isolated and secured at the network level.


Server Security

Show Core Advanced
Hardened operating systems Included  
Managed OS patches and updates Included  
Hardened VMware hypervisor Included  
Unnecessary services disabled Included  
Password security policies Included  
Malware protection NEW Included  
Resource availability monitoring NEW Included w/ + Available Available
Network event logging Included  
Data encryption at rest NEW   Available

The server is the layer of defense closest to the application. Ensuring attack vectors are limited and points of entry are hardened is extremely important in solidifying overall security posture and keeping important data safe. Every server is hardened at deployment exceeding compliance mandates.


Application Security

Show Core Advanced
Web application firewalls (ports 80 and 443) Included  
Intelligent WAF policies for common attacks Included  
Application specific and custom WAF policies NEW   Available
HTTP DoS application attack mitigation NEW   Available
Application performance monitoring NEW Included Available
SSL certificates   Available

You only have to read a few lines of the latest Superfecta report to know that cyber attacks are a growing trend. Web applications continue to be the most prevalent entry point for data compromise. Every supported web application server is hardened during server deployment to ensure application attack surface is minimized and potential risk is mitigated.


Administrative Security

Show Core Advanced
Secure remote access (SSLVPN) Included w/+ Available  
Secure portal for user management Included  
Site-to-site L2LVPN Included  
MPLS termination Included  
Log Management   Available
Two-Factor authentication   Available

Managing highly secure environments doesn’t have to be inconvenient or complex. Using intuitive applications and tools, customers can manage their secure cloud with ease.

FireHost secure cloud experts are here to help.

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