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High Performance Cloud

When compared to other cloud providers, FireHost had better cloud performance by far. Our exceptional performance helps businesses do more with less. Download our cloud computing benchmarks and testing report to see for yourself.

HPC with Real Benchmarks

With all benchmark tests, FireHost outperforms others in memory speed, processor speed, and storage speed. With FireHost you can expect the fastest services for your business needs. Third-party testing and benchmarks provide the validation you demand.

Ranked #1 by Global Benchmark

Uncompromising Speed

A big concern with applying appropriate security to a cloud solution is performance degradation. Not with FireHost. Learn how FireHost measures up in this Global Benchmark study that ranks us number one for overall server, storage, memory, and processor performance.

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Performance AND Security

“Conventional wisdom” states that security detracts from the performance of an IT infrastructure and applications. That it adds another set of checkpoints in the delivery of traffic to and from the cloud. These checkpoints require additional processing power and other resources which can slow the overall performance of a cloud environment. For many IT infrastructures, this performance tradeoff is true based on the way they are designed.

At FireHost, we believe you can have both performance and security. This is one of the prevailing principles behind our secure cloud architecture. We take a creative approach to our secure cloud’s design, using security to actually enhance the performance of our cloud infrastructure and the applications running on it. So much so that we were recently ranked by a third-party benchmark report as the highest performing cloud in the industry.

FireHost Server Performance

There is No Tradeoff

With FireHost there is no tradeoff on security, and no tradeoff on performance.

Disaster Prevention

FireHost offers the technology and peace of mind you need to protect your business from hardware or software failures and natural disasters. With our consultative and customizable approach to business continuity, we’ll help you create a disaster recovery plan that meets your needs and budget.

More on Disaster Prevention

FireHost secure cloud experts are here to help.

Gartner Magic Quadrant

See Gartner's take on FireHost's security and compliance focus.

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